July 1, 2024

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete planks are one of the most sought-after modern construction materials today, and for good reason. They offer the strength and durability needed for heavy-load structures with all of the efficiency and precision manufacturing of a factory-built product. Precast concrete planks are a type of hollow core concrete that’s precast and prestressed into highly precise shapes so that it can be utilized in various applications with ease.

Boccella Precast, an industry leader in precast concrete with decades of expertise, offers a wide range of solutions for numerous applications. When you consider the versatility of precast concrete planks in various construction projects like those listed here, it’s hard to remember why you were not using them from the start.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Planks

Precast concrete planks provide several advantages in any application:

  • Longevity and strength: With the same or better level of durability than cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete planks provide incredible support for even heavy-load structures.
  • Environmental benefits: For companies focused on reducing sitewide impact on the environment, concrete planks are far more eco-friendly. They are sustainable materials made to last but also require far less machinery that could damage the local environment.
  • Precision and quality control: Also notable, precast concrete planks are designed with a high level of precision to ensure they fit together with exacting results. In a controlled environment, this level of precision is possible in the manufacturing of these planks.
  • Adaptable: Because they are precast, they can be designed to meet virtually any project requirements, from aesthetic applications to specific structural integrity goals.
  • Improved structural integrity: The precast concrete planks have a hollow core, which reduces the load on the property, allowing them to be a versatile option for lighter flooring without any deviation in structure strength.

Various Types of Industries and Projects

One of the core benefits of precast concrete planks is that they are highly versatile, which means they can be adapted to fit into any project’s specific needs. This versatility improves project design options while also helping to offer more efficiency in project design. Consider some of the ways they are used:


Used in single-family homes, multi-family homes, and senior living, precast concrete planks work well for flooring and ceilings in residential properties. This improves the material’s durability but also ensures an aesthetic appeal that’s hard to match with any site-poured product.

In larger apartment complexes and condominium structures, these planks provide not only structural stability with less weight but also do a great job of minimizing sound transmission and providing fire resistance.


Utilized in office buildings, hospitality spaces, retail spaces, and parking structures, precast concrete provides exceptional support with a fast-build option. This allows for reducing site impact, getting the structure built quickly, and ensuring flexibility in design.

More so, with the structural integrity and quick assembly of these products, including parking garages, solutions become readily available to use by the customer—faster.


Precast concrete planks apply to manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers as well. All-weather construction and fire ratings make these construction materials excellent for overall durability within these application goals.

Also notable is that precast planks enhance productivity and offer more timeline flexibility to get distribution hubs in place sooner.

Specialized Uses

A vast number of other projects exist as well, including the use of these planks in schools, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, sports complexes, and stadiums. All of these specialized buildings benefit from the speed of construction, the flexibility of design, and improved safety thanks to fire resistance. They also offer better sound transmission reduction than other products. At the same time, there are still a lot of options for creating unique, aesthetic spaces.

Case Studies and Examples

Consider our recent project with Broad & Noble. It was a steel structure project covering 290,000 square feet. We used 8” hollow core planks to cover the space and 7,400 square feet of 8” solid planks. The results are phenomenal, and the project’s build took far less time than expected.

Precast concrete planks offer the versatility that today’s modern construction projects demand, with a focus on building with eco-friendly methods in mind. Boccella Precast offers the refined, reliable solutions necessary to enhance projects.

Do you think precast concrete planks could save you time and money on your project? Contact Boccella Precast today to get a direct answer.