There are many reasons why owners, builders and contractors are choosing hollow core precast concrete slabs over other construction materials. Our Cella-Core products are one of the most reliable and versatile products on the market today.

Cella-Core plank is an economical and versatile flooring and roofing solution for almost any project.  It is manufactured with rows of hollow cores for cost-efficiency, and includes pre-stressed steel for superior strength. This inherent design creates flooring much lighter than field-cast slabs of the same thickness reducing overall structure requirements.

commercial building project constructed with hollow core precast concrete slabs

Advantages Hollow Core Precast Concrete Slabs

  • Manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring consistency and strength
  • Reduced installation time, saving time and on-site labor costs
  • Ability to span long areas creating larger, open space capabilities
  • Improved STC fire resistance, sound ratings, and maintenance costs
  • High load bearing capabilities

CELLA-CORE Specifications


  • 6 inches
  • 8 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches


  • 1-32 feet (8″ thickness)
  • 1-36 feet (10″ thickness)
  • 1-44 feet (12″ thickness)
  • 1-55 feet (16″ thickness)


  • Column notches
  • Embeds
  • Weldplates
  • Pockets
  • Fill
  • Rebar

Quality hollow core precast concrete slabs for any industry

With over 50 years of industry wide experience, our 60 acre production facility can meet the needs of any project, no matter the square footage. One plank or one thousand, we are your go-to source for precast concrete slabs.



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