Hollow core precast concrete slabs—the preferred method of construction

Precast concrete construction offers many advantages over traditional methods, making precast concrete slabs a preferred choice. Versatility, efficiency, and resiliency are key benefits that appeal to architects, developers, and contractors. The quality-controlled, all-weather production of precast concrete slabs reduces budget and timeline uncertainties, enhances construction accuracy and quality, and minimizes environmental impact at construction sites.

Boccella Precast manufacturing plant for hollow core precast concrete slabs.

Advantages of Hollow Core Precast Concrete Slabs

  • Structural durability
  • Sustainable construction
  • Aesthetic flexibility
  • Quality-controlled
  • Low sound transmission
  • Excellent fire rating
  • Thermal resistance
  • All-weather construction
  • Reduced site impact
  • Increased productivity
  • Timeline flexibility

Cast-In-Place Concrete

  • Limited structural durability
  • Non-sustainable construction
  • Not as flexible
  • Harder to quality control
  • Poor sound transmission
  • OK fire rating
  • Thermal resistance
  • Cannot build in poor weather
  • Takes up considerable room to produce
  • Limited productivity
  • Not flexible with timeline